Do you believe in ghosts and spirits?
Do you like glitchy Skype conversations?
Do you enjoy your YouTube videos taking an absolute age to buffer?
Do you enjoy hearing about bratty, teenage #firstworldproblems ?
Then “Unfriended” is the film for you!
1 hour and 20 minutes of YouTube buffering and laptop glitches, interspersed with iMessages, screaming, whining, drinking games (without the drinking), teenage sexual betrayal (without the sex) and a video of a girl who drank so much at a party that she shit her pants (not even joking)…
Here is a helpful list of things you can do instead of watching this waste of an hour:
Hide in the wardrobe and wait for your girlfriend to walk in the room and jump out on her.
Go to a house party and shit yourself.
Go to a house party and get drunk without actually drinking any alcohol.
Do some sexual betrayal without having sex.
Put your phone in airplane mode and try and watch your favourite music video on YouTube.
Update your Facebook status to tell everyone how shit life is because you can’t afford to get your nails done.
Morris Hawk

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